Our Bot Operation Centre (BOC) exists to support the increased adoption globally of automated healthcare processes

Drawing on our team’s experience in building and running Network and Security Operations Centres, we created a Bot Operations Centre to enable us to deliver around-the-clock support and rapid response peace of mind to our customers

We run our “BOC” from two regions to ensure geo-redundancy in our cloud-based systems. This enables us to maintain a 99.9% system and service up-time.

Our teams consist of highly trained and project-experienced RPA developers and support engineers who are all directly employed by Alphalake and form part of our worldwide team.

Goa Centre of Excellence

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Riga Centre of Excellence

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Practising What We Preach – Automation-assisted Customer Experience

We carefully integrate the latest in automated knowledge-base interactions and chatbot-enriched Customer Experience (CX) services with our human engineering experts, which means our customers receive excellent access to information and human support whenever they need.

Meeting Calls For A Tailored RPA Managed Service Provider

We setup our BOC after listening to our healthcare customers, who told us they didn’t just want to outsource the implementation of RPA projects and be left to manage the solution on their own once it had been implemented. Internal processes change over time, as organisations and teams adapt their ways of working.

Hassle free Digital Workflows That Just… Work

Customers wanted to avoid unplanned expenses that might occur when needing to re-architect the interconnected digital workflows that had been implemented by an RPA platform provider. In addition, third party systems continue to release new versions that can have an impact on process automation.

Whilst both the RPA technologies that we work with at Alphalake have in-built intelligent ways to ensure third party system changes are not affected, it was still very apparent that the healthcare sector was in need of a trusted RPA expert that had deep knowledge of the processes and software ecosystems deployed in healthcare providers, in order to mitigate any subsequent system dependencies. This is how our BOC’s in Goa and Riga were born.

Benefit from “Digital Worker” Health-check Assessments


For organisations wanting a digital “check up” to assess the efficacy of their automation workflows 

We offer a number of health check packages that range from remote consultations 1 day consultations through to 2 weeks spot consultations where one of our technical RPA consultants will visit your team onsite and carry out a detailed review of your current processes and systems.

Our Digital Worker Health-checks are designed to provide you with an external audit of your systems and will result in a Digital Worker Grading Report, which will inform IT teams and Business Unit leaders on how well an implemented RPA solution is meeting its objectives. Our team is able to carry out these reviews on systems that have been implemented by us or third parties. Where a solution has been implemented by Alphalake, we always recommend a Digital Worker Assessment is carried out 9-12 months after the initial implementation.

Request a Quote for a Health-check

Assessments are offered on a fixed cost basis that aligns to a defined report scope being provided

24/7 Support For RPA Platforms

Our offices and people span 3 continents and 5 countries, we embody the “#FutureOfWork”, working as a close-knit team, embracing modern collaboration and team-working to give our automation clients in healthcare and human services follow-the-sun support and 24/7 operational capability.