We’re on a Mission…


…to build better Digital Patient Experience (DPX).
…to make healthcare more efficient.
…to advance data intelligence in health and nutrition.
…to work towards global health equality.


We are a team of technologists who are passionate about healthcare. Brought together through a shared belief that technological advancement is a force for good, in human endeavour and our very evolution. We believe there is nowhere this is more evident than in health.

We are sitting on the cusp of a defining era in history. As Ai and automation combine with the rise of digitisation and health consumerism, this will usher in a new dawn in our understanding of human health and delivery of healthcare and human services.

For decades, we have seen healthcare systems struggle to keep pace with technological advancement, but no longer. We use Ai and automation to disrupt and transform healthcare and researchto deliver better quality health services, to those in need, faster. We passionately champion the global democratisation of healthcare and health information and are pioneers of a new type of company. We measure success and shareholder value against our continued ability to create positive global impact.

Intelligently automate healthcare transformation

Build better Digital Patient Experience that delivers consumer-grade CX

Lead the way in data-intelligent health and nutrition

Be instrumental in achieving universal health equality

Join Us


Dare to think big. Measure success by the positive impact you create. Take pride in consistently producing quality output. Have purpose. Advance human understanding. Help others. Disrupt. Break down convention. Smell the roses.

If this sounds like it’s up your street and you think you would enjoy working with us then below you’ll find a list of our current vacancies. Come and be a health technology pioneer. We are an “established startup” and are now scaling up our global teams to deliver a healthier world enabled through Ai and software robotics.

Current Vacancies

London, UK

Riga, Latvia

No current vacancies

Check again soon for updates

Goa, India

No current vacancies

Check again soon for updates


Our offices and people span 3 continents and 5 countries, we embody the “#FutureOfWork”, working as a close-knit team, embracing modern collaboration and team-working to give our automation clients in healthcare and human services follow-the-sun support and 24/7 operational capability.

Olly Cogan

Co-Founder and CEO

Sample Back Title

Future-obsessed technologist who talks too much.

Aamir Varcie

Co-Founder and CFO

Aamir Varcie

Economist still searching for perfect efficiency.

Mark Urwin

Director of Research

Sample Back Title

Engineer mastermind as fanatical about problem-solving as Man City FC.

Aga Gajawnik

Director of Modern Learning

Aga Gassauer-Fleissner

Expert in entrepreneurship, training and heroine of Hackathons.

Vivienne Winborne

Director of Communications

Zac Connolly

Aussie brand strategist that also does the doing, more organised than a bot.

Zane Nursajahova

Operations Manager

Zac Connolly

Finance and people task master, Trello guru and the glue that keeps it all together.

Prakhar VG

Automation Principal Consultant

Zac Connolly

Automation wizard, expert in RPA, solution architect heading up Competency Centres of Excellence in Mumbai.

Omar Ahmed

Automation Programme Director

Omar Ahmed

Samir Patel

Business Strategy Manager

Samir Patel

Business growth and structure enthusiast, always trying to find ways to do things better. Hiker who loves trees.

Lorenzo Walker

Client Development Manager

Lorenzo Walker

Ambitious risk-taker who enjoys putting smiles on peoples faces.

Tremaine Richard-Noel

Head of Healthcare

Tremaine Richard-Noel

Anna Considine

Content and Culture Development Manager

Anna Considine

Committed communicator, word nerd and photography friend.

Sergejs Kizlo

Front End Developer

Sergejs Kizlo

Passionate front-end developer dedicated to design, pleasant UX, minimalism, cheesecake, running & family.

Aaron Humphreys

UX & Design Consultant

Aaron Humphreys

User-centricity advocate, pixel pusher and proud father.

Pallav Gawas

Digital Marketing Strategist

Pallav Gawas

Digital Media Optimization professional. Travel geek and a passionate biker


Competition is a force for good. We thrive on building the best solutions on the market today, and a healthy level of free-market competition fuels this and drives results. But we don’t measure these results by financial profit. To us, success lies in positive outcomes for our customers, the well-being of our staff and our ability to help more health organisations across the world.


Through forming an outstanding team of progressive collaborators around our vision of improving health through technology, we’re able to make a genuinely positive impact on the world around us.
Few companies succeed in truly putting society ahead of profits. Many talk a good game, but shareholder financial returns tend to get in the way. Our investors and shareholders recognise value takes many forms. They appreciate and understand that the world now measures success differently.

We’re pioneers in this new approach to commerce and industry. We’re calling this “Company 2.0”, and this unconventional thinking runs through everything we do. It informs our values, influences our culture and sets our goals.


of all profits reinvested in "Health Data Science Project"

Our company profits and the society around us are interwoven, not mutually exclusive. We’re proud to be linked to health and well-being initiatives around the world including a groundbreaking Social Enterprise project in health data science, launched by the founders of Alphalake Ai.


Working with artificial intelligence and software robotics, we’re at the crest of a tidal wave of innovation that is building into a seismic shift in industry and society. This era of automation will elevate human creativity and transform work-life, which is why we put great importance on building a progressive and vibrant culture within our company. This people-first mindset enables us to grow our company and directly improve the working lives of the people whose organisations we help to transform. Taking more responsibility for our internal culture helps towards us successfully putting external society at the centre of our mission.


Vibrant, fun, collaborative and productive cultures don’t just miraculously happen. Like anything in life worth having, they take work. As a startup, we are approaching this with a fresh pair of eyes and investing time in forming solid foundations for our culture. We adopt a “minimal rules” culture to foster creativity and build innovation. We invest in the best team collaboration and productivity software on the market to empower our teams with the best tools to underpin their success.

We embrace highly flexible working practices and keep our policies minimal, simple and any contracts fair and employee-centric… We believe in, and offer, unlimited holidays and our contracts state that our Client Development Manager’s customer relationships belong to them, so should we go our separate ways in the future, we don’t impose outdated and unreasonable restrictive covenants that fly in the face of this..

We are a people business, built by the people that made it possible. We respect that it is our people that work hard every day as a team to turn our mission into a reality.

Positively revolutionary! 🙂

If you’d like to learn more about what sets the culture at Alphalake apart, we’ve written a Culture Manifesto.