Welcome to Alphalake… Lorenzo Walker
This week we're excited to be welcoming Lorenzo Walker to Alphalake as a Client Development Manager for the UK. I got the chance to sit down and chat to him about his work with us at Alphalake, his background and his stance on tea vs. coffee... Here's what he had to say.


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August 21, 2019


Hi there Lorenzo, thanks for chatting with me! First things first, can you tell us what do you do for Alphalake?

For sure! My official title here is Client Development Manager, which means I prioritise sourcing prospects and potential clients to walk them through the services that Alphalake offers, and to get an understanding of the issues that AI could resolve throughout their organisation. Once we’ve had a chance to go into what our RPA opportunities can bring into a workplace, I’ll schedule in consultation meetings with them to guide them through their next steps with us; it’s great to get to know what our clients need firsthand!


Could you tell us a bit about your career before you joined the Alphalake team?

My background is in technology recruitment, as I was previously a consultant supplying private sector businesses with specialists in emerging technology. My role saw me engaging with clients who looked to hire individuals working within AI, Machine Learning, Cloud, RPA and ERP transformation, making my transition into Alphalake a natural one that continued my work in such an important field.

What are you most excited for about working with Alphalake?

Of course, it’s getting to delve deeper into the exciting industry that is AI, but I’m especially proud to be part of our Sandbanks project, which centres on big data and consumer behavior analytics in health space … It’s cutting edge and it’s great knowing it’s going to have global impact. Being involved in positive changes is always a good thing.


What is your number one piece of advice for your younger self, and your favourite quote?

My advice for my younger self would be to always do it for something bigger than money alone… and my favourite quote is “Keep some sunshine on your face.” It’s from Richard Pryor, and it’s memorable for a reason!


Lastly – tea or coffee?

Coffee – tea is just too bland, whereas coffee serves a purpose… So always, always coffee.