Alphalake’s Meeting in Goa
Alphalake's CEO, Olly Cogan, and CFO, Aamir Varcie, joined our team based in Goa for a trip spent working through Alphalake's exciting new initiatives and exploring Goa's stunning surroundings before meeting with the state IT minister, Jennifer Monserrate. A huge thanks to our Indian team members for making it possible!


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September 27, 2019

#TeamHumanIndia – Alphalake’s Meeting in Goa

Alphalake’s CEO, Olly Cogan, and CFO, Aamir Varcie, joined our team in Goa for a trip spent working through Alphalake’s exciting new initiatives and exploring Goa’s stunning surroundings… We’ll also be sharing their time at Imagine Bengaluru and meeting with Goa’s IT minister Jennifer Monserrate here too. Our huge thanks to #TeamHumanIndia for making Olly and Aamir feel so welcome as always!


Olly caught mid-flow at an Alphalake #TeamHumanIndia staff get-together


#TeamHumanIndia being exceptionally good sports while out on a beautiful and bracing nature walk


The trip also involved Alphalake’s presence at the Imagine Bengaluru conference, hosted by our partners, Automation Anywhere. Centred around innovations in AI, and living up to Bangalore’s reputation as the “Silicon Valley of India”, the visit included an interview with Automation Anywhere (Olly’s piece was captured mid-filming below) and a chance to see more of how Artificial Intelligence is being used across a diverse range of fields, including Alphalake’s application of RPA in healthcare.


Heading to Bangalore also gave Alphalake the chance to officially welcome Prakhar, our Principal RPA Practice Lead based in Mumbai, to the team. (Prakhar’s article, The Truth About Robots Taking Our Jobs, is also published on our blog and makes an excellent read.)

The last of the #TeamHumanIndia trip highlights was Olly and Aamir’s meeting with Jennifer Monserrate, the Minister of Revenue and IT in Goa. Our Director of Solution Architecture, Kartik Tawari, was also there to greet Aamir and Olly after the meeting as well as being a brilliant presence during the rest of the visit with the Alphalake team.

Our thanks again to everyone for making it such a worthwhile and enjoyable trip!


CEO Olly and CFO Aamir heading out from meeting IT minister Jennifer Monserrate

Kartik, Olly and Aamir just outside Jennifer Monserrate’s office